Tina Shares Her Story on Cincinnati’s Largest Rock Radio Station

It's Real... Heaven Tina Hines WEBN Radio interview

Tina Hines Shares Her Story on
Cincinnati's Largest Rock Radio Station

Tune in on Jan. 11th at 8:25 EST to Cincinnati’s largest rock radio station, WEBN.  Please join us to listen and pray for Tina as she shares her compelling story of dying, going to Heaven, seeing Jesus, and returning to her lifeless body after being dead 27 minutes.

What a wonderful opportunity to share the reality of Heaven and truth of who Jesus is!  Please pray with Tina for wisdom, and for the Holy Spirit to use the words she speaks to give new life and hope to the listeners.

The station is streaming live, so you can listen anywhere you have internet access to the Tina Hines radio interview.  Just click here to go to the streaming site and then click on the round, red play button on the top left to listen.

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