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On Monday, February 12, 2018, Tina Hines was having a great day. Until she died at 4:40 pm. “Her eyes didn’t close, and they were rolled back in her head. She was purple and not making any noise or breathing,” said Brian Hines. Doctors described it like turning off a light switch- she just collapsed and that was it.

For 27 minutes Tina’s husband, paramedics, and doctors worked on Tina. Paramedics defibrillated Tina five times with no success. When they arrived at the hospital they tried again. On the 6th try at 5:07pm, her heart began to beat again.

During the 27 minutes Tina had no vital signs of life, she was in heaven. “It was so real, the colors were so vibrant,” said Tina. She saw beautifully ornate gates and Jesus standing in front of them, with a bright yellow glow behind him.

Tina was placed on a ventilator and put in a medically induced coma. The doctor warned Brian that while Tina was alive, she had been with little to no oxygen to her brain for 27 minutes, and cautioned about brain damage. Family and friends waited and prayed around the clock.

The following day doctors decided to reduce sedation and see if Tina would breathe on her own. When she came to, still intubated, Tina continued to motion that she wanted something, and the family figured out that she wanted pen and paper to write. With closed eyes, she struggled to write for several minutes, with closed eyes, she managed to scribble the words “It’s real.” The family started guessing what was real – the hospital, the pain? The answer was no. One of her children finally guessed… “heaven?”, and she nodded yes with tears rolling down her cheeks. She was asked if she saw Jesus, and again she nodded yes!

There is so much more to Tina’s miraculous meeting in Heaven with Jesus and the lessons she and her family have been learning since then. Dying has changed how they are living!

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Tina Hines’ Prayer Request for CBN Interview

From Tina Hines: “Wow!  I am so grateful for your prayer and support for our ministry! God has been opening incredible doors to share my testimony!  This month I was able to tell my story on the largest secular rock radio station in Cincinnati during their greatest audience listening time.  And, the host asked me directly on the air about Heaven and Jesus.  Their audience definitely heard about the reality of Heaven and Truth of Jesus!”

Tina Hines Requests Prayer

    “I am reaching out today to ask if you would commit to interceding in prayer for another opportunity God has provided.  This Tuesday the 26th at 9am, my story will air on CBN’s 700 Club.  Their audience size is in the millions.  We have had so much feedback about the comfort that my story is providing to believers who are wrestling with fear, grief, and anxiety.  I believe God has opened the doors to minister to believers “for such a time as this”, where faith is being tested.  Reassurance of the absolute reality of Heaven and Jesus is ministering strength and courage to those whose feet are faltering.”

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      And… one more prayer request if you don’t mind…  We are launching a podcast in February to share with listeners about how dying has changed living for Tina Hines.  The goal is to help strengthen believers’ faith as we grow together in becoming more Kingdom focused.  Please pray for the Lord to give us His wisdom and direction in what and how we minister to our listening audience.

     As we move forward on this faith journey,  we hope you will also join us in the learning process.  If you haven’t done so already, we invite you to order Tina Hines new devotional, “Heaven… It’s Real.  How Dying Changes Living” .  It will be the foundation for our podcast teaching and journaling.  You can purchase it HERE.   Thank you again for your prayer and support, it is so important that we move forward covered in prayer. 

May our Lord bless, strengthen, and encourage you,

Tina Marie Hines
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