Brian and Tina Hines and family

Meet the Hines Family

Brian and Tina met at Biola University.  They have been married for 32 beautiful years and have four God-given children. The twins, Jordan and Logan, are 29 years old. Logan is married to Kara and Jordan is married to Kaylee. They are both in their graduate programs and pursuing their dream jobs.  Jake is 24 years old, an ASU graduate, and continues to work in the photography profession. Tatum Marie is 16 and excels in art design.  She is very creative, full of kindness and blessed with sweet friendships.

Until Tina died, went to Heaven and returned, the Hines family was a family of faith like many others, busy working, raising children, and serving their local community and church.

Since Tina died and the Lord returned her to her family, faith community, and friends, God has been unfolding plans to use Tina’s miraculous experience. 


Brian, Tina, and their family have been diligently reading God’s Word, spending time in prayer, and seeking wise counsel regarding the purposes and plans of God for the experience given to Brian and Tina.  They believe the experience of death and Heaven comes with tremendous responsibility to fulfill the call of Jesus  that accompanies the experience.

With much time spent seeking God for His direction, they believe their calling is to share the reality of the existence of Jesus and Heaven with unbelievers and believers alike.  The reality of Jesus and Heaven through the eyes of someone who has personally experienced it can help people put their faith in Jesus as the one true way to Heaven.  For the believer,  Brian and Tina’s experience of Tina’s death, visit to Heaven, and return should encourage, strengthen and help refocus Christians to their own calling and mission.



Tina accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior when she was just six years old.  Since that time, she has had an every deepening  love relationship with Christ. Tina has been faithfully loving and serving Jesus for almost 5 decades.

She knew her life would be spent in service to her Lord.  When Tina graduated high school, she desired to receive a strong Christian college education.  She graduated from Grand Canyon University with a dual major in Psychology and Secondary Education.

Tina has used her education to fulfill her calling and gift of encouragement.  She has been ministering to young women as well as teaching and mentoring high school students. Tina desires to use this gift in every relationship and situation.  She wants to be a light to friends and family, as well as new friends who need to see the Gospel and the truth of who our gracious and kind God is to us all. 

Tina has always prioritized and valued fitness as a way of life, consistently working out 6 to 7 days a week. Tina continues to strive for fitness excellence,  as well as a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family.

Today, thanks to God’s merciful restoration after 27 minutes of little to no oxygen going to her brain, Tina is fully engaged in ministry, family, and physical fitness.  However, the focus is different.  Tina lives life without fear of death or life circumstances. She prioritizes friendships that last a lifetime. Tina is very intentional with every person she meets with, to encourage or share about Christ  in real and practical ways.

Tina describes her heart’s desire to share her testimony, express her love, and live out the Gospel in these words: “ I want to be intentional, authentic and open about my beautiful experience with Jesus, and seeing him face-to-face. In the process I also want to share how dying has changed living.”

Her glimpse of Jesus and Heaven has changed her for this life and the one to come.  She wants to be a part of helping others change theirs, living in hope, embracing the reality of the world to come.