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Dying Changes Living

Four years ago, Tina Hines collapsed in her driveway and died. Today, she is training for a half-marathon and telling anyone who will listen about the wondrous beauty of Heaven and the overwhelming love of Jesus.
Tina’s medically documented death was caused by sudden cardiac arrest. After twenty-seven minutes with no heartbeat
and little to no oxygen to her brain, Tina Hines was blue and lifeless. Emergency room physicians decided on a final attempt to defibrillate her heart to revive her.
Miraculously, her heart started beating. All of her vital signs returned to normal. Tina immediately saw the fluorescent lights of the emergency room ceiling and knew she had returned to her body.
While her husband, firefighters, paramedics, and emergency room doctors worked over Tina’s lifeless body, she was in Heaven in the presence of Jesus. When Tina regained
consciousness after a medically induced coma, she scribbled on a notepad, “It’s Reall.”
When doctors removed the respirator, she could immediately speak. Tina described her
time in Heaven to her family:
“Such beautiful light everywhere. Yellow light, like the color of sunflowers all around me.
Every color in Heaven absolutely radiated with vibrance like sunrises and sunsets. I stood
in the very Presence of my magnificent Savior, Jesus.
Overwhelming love flowed from His
glorious face, His eyes, and His outstretched hands. Jesus’ love and peace completely
encompassed me. I knew complete and total joy in those moments in Heaven!”
Four years later, Tina has just released a devotional based on her journals since her death. The devotional “It’s Real…
Heaven. How Dying Changes Living” is available on Amazon.
It is a message of hope for the fearful and comfort for those who have lost loved ones. Containing honest insights about her shortcomings, Tina describes how her experience
is helping her faith grow. She tackles topics like fear, anxiety, depression, priorities, and relationships, paired with Scripture and biblical teaching.
About Tina Hines
Tina Hines gave her heart to Jesus at five years of age. By junior high school, she knew God wanted her to serve Him.
She equipped herself for ministry, attending Biola University and graduating from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor of Science in Education and a double minor in Biblical Studies and Psychology. Tina currently serves as a program
director for a seminary.
She and her husband Brian have four children, and they both minister and serve as God opens doors.
CBN’s 700 Club recently featured Tina’s story. It can be viewed Here.
About It’s Real – Heaven Ministry
It’s Real – Heaven is the non-profit ministry of Brian and Tina Hines. Their mission is to encourage and strengthen the
faith of Christians. They teach believers how to intentionally embrace an eternal perspective that allows them to focus on
being used for God’s plans and purposes. It’s Real – Heaven is also committed to sharing the reality of Heaven and Truth
of Jesus with all who will listen. Additional videos and information are available on the
Tina Hines is available for interviews and speaking engagements.
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