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Dying Changes Living for Tina Hines

Tina Hines dropped dead in her driveway on February 12, 2018.  Medical records confirm that Tina was clinically dead for twenty-seven minutes.  When she regained consciousness, she scribbled “It’s Real” on a piece of paper.  Her son asked, “Mom, are you saying Heaven is real?”  She nodded yes.

Changed by her death, time in Heaven with Jesus, and return to life, Tina has written a book based on her journals of how dying has changed living.  “Heaven – It’s Real… How Dying Changes Living” is a message of hope for the fearful and comfort for those who have lost loved ones.  It contains honest insights about her shortcomings, including ways her experience is helping her change and grow.  The book offers practical advice on every day challenges like fear, anxiety, depression, priorities, and relationships.  It is available on Amazon and at the It’s Real… Heaven store HERE.

Very few people experience a medically documented, prolonged death. Tina believes her purpose in returning to life is to encourage, comfort, and give hope to people.   “Heaven – It’s Real… How Dying Changes Living” provides a much needed perspective on hopeful living in troubling times.

About Tina Hines

Tina is a wife of thirty-four years and mother of three children.  She is a dedicated athlete and strong woman of faith. Prior to dying, Tina was typically in the gym by Tina Hines new devotional  Heaven...It's Real: How Dying Changes Living4:30am to workout before daily responsibilities began.  Two workouts a day were part of her normal routine.  Tina holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology, and has spent the majority of her career in high school education.  

About It’s Real – Heaven… How Dying Changes Living

It’s Real – Heaven is a non-profit organization founded by Brian and Tina Hines.  Its’ mission is to provide comfort and hope in a troubled world by sharing the reality of Jesus and existence of Heaven.  More information is available at, including previous interviews that include 911 calls, firefighter interviews, the American Heart Association, and more.  

Brian and Tina Hines are available for media interviews, public speaking engagements, and conferences.  Contact Vickie Isaac at Elevate Marketing for scheduling.  Vickie can be reached at

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