Heaven, Jesus, and Tina Hines Return From Death to Life

Phoenix, AZ, April 7, 2021
Contact: Vickie Isaac, M.Ed., Elevate Marketing President/CEO


On February 12th, 2018 at 4:40pm Tina Hines, an athletic wife and mother, was standing in her driveway waiting to hike desert trails. Mid-sentence of a casual chat with a close friend, she collapsed and stopped breathing. Emergency 911 operators coached her husband’s resuscitation efforts until paramedics arrived. They made three attempts to defibrillate Tina with no response. Efforts to revive Tina continued en route to the hospital with two more defibrillation attempts and no results. In the emergency room, sometime between 5:05 and 5:10pm, the doctors defibrillated Tina for the sixth time, and her heart finally began to beat again. From 4:40 to 5:05pm, Tina Hines was without a heartbeat and little to no oxygen.

Tina was placed on a ventilator and in a medically induced coma. The emergency room doctor cautioned Tina’s husband Brian about her critical condition and the potential outcomes caused by no oxygen to her brain for 27 minutes. Family and friends gathered and began to pray around the clock.
At 4pm the following day, doctors determined Tina was stable enough to reduce sedation to determine if Tina could breath on her own.

At 4:15pm, surrounded by her family, Tina regained consciousness and began motioning that she wanted to write. After several minutes of struggling, she had scribbled the letters “ITS REALL”. Family asked her “It’s real?” She nodded yes, and they asked, “What’s real? Pain? The hospital?”. Each wrong question received a shake of her head. Finally, one of her children asked, “Heaven?”. Tina nodded yes and there was silence in the room. Finally, her husband asked, “Tina, were you in Heaven?”. She nodded yes, and then her daughter asked, “Did you see Jesus?”. Again, Tina nodded yes. Celebration broke out in the room and her family knew she was going to be fine.

The next day, Tina was walking around the ICU making friends and sharing her message of hope. After being clinically dead for 27+ minutes, paramedics, doctors and nurses involved agreed that Tina’s recovery was miraculous. On Friday, February 16th Tina was released from the hospital, overwhelmed with joy for the miracle she had experienced.

Today, Tina believes Jesus gave her the glimpse of Heaven and of Himself for the purpose of sharing the hope of Heaven with others. Dying has changed how Tina lives – her perspective, her priorities, and her purpose. Tina describes her heart’s desire to share her story, express her love, and live out the Gospel in these words: “ I want to be intentional, authentic and open about my beautiful experience with Jesus, and seeing him face-to-face. In the process I also want to share how dying has changed living.” Without doubt, Tina Hines proclaims that Jesus is real, and that she saw Him in Heaven. She will share her miraculous journey with all who are hungry for hope, passion and purpose.

About Tina Hines
Tina is an wife of 33 years and mother of four. She is a woman of deep, vibrant faith that equipped herself to help others through dual degree in psychology and secondary education. She teaches and mentors high school students. Tina is also an active and accomplished athlete.

Learn more about Tina at www.itsrealheaven.com

Tina and her husband Brian are available for interviews, speaking engagements, and conferences. To schedule, please contact Vickie Isaac at elevate@elevatemarketing.biz or www.elevatemarketing.biz.

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  1. Thank you for your testimony of Heaven! I know Jesus is real and loves each one of us! So grateful there are people like you spreading this message!

  2. What an amazing story! I have been a Christian my whole life and have already wondered what Jesus REALLY looks like??!! Does he look like what we think he does? Please tell me about his face. You are such an amazing person.

  3. I had a very similar experience. JESUS IS REAL! I had red heart tattooed on my finger in rememberence of my experience! Amen

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